The Story of House of HAJ

I am increasingly finding it valuable to document my artistic process. I've created a lot of stuff in the last 15 years in the form of film, video, interactive, editorial, webdesign, and live theater. Reflecting back I realized how easy it is to forget all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get these projects executed.

Media glamorizes famous people's success as if it's something that was achieved over night. Nothing is. As artist, we can sometimes get down on ourselves during our process and forget all that it took to move the needle just an inch. The artistic process is no joke - what one tries to achieve with one project let alone over a life time is a tremendous undertaking. The highs are really high and the lows are really low. There is doubt, self loathing, insecurity, feelings of abandonment and this is even with a great support system, which I have. As artist we have to everyday manage our ego and psychology so that we don't go down in flames! We must be resourseful, excellent, kind to others and especially kind to our selves. It is our job to master our art. To master something is to master the process so welcome to the story of House of HaJ, which is most definitely a work in process.

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